Please Stop Asking Me If You Went To High School With Me.

I can’t stand when someone from way back in the day asks me if I went to ( I won’t name the High School so I’ll make one up)  Jackson High School.      Many years have passed since that dreadful graduation day.   I say dreadful because even during that day my Mother made it all about her.   Anyway, I get real annoyed when someone comes up to me out of nowhere asking me the following:

“Excuse me are you ( insert my name here) and did you go to Jackson high school? What happens at this point is I give them a blank look because I have NO IDEA who in the World they are.       Think about it a minute.   Have you thought about it?  Okay let me help you out.   Many years have passed alright?   People gain weight, lose weight depending on the person.     The boys that I once remember are bald usually or have awful facial hair making them totally unrecognizable.   The women well its like I said: weight gain, change all around, grey hair no hair, wigs, weaves, hell perhaps plastic surgery I have no idea.    Do you see my point?  People’s looks change over the years so don’t expect me to just clap my hands, jump for joy and call out your name.    Because chances are I won’t recognize you and I’ve been through ALOT of shit in life since high school.   I’m not the same woman not by a long shot.   all through during my high school teen years when my own Mother was extremely abusive towards me were she would scream, jump in the air, throw things, or sometimes ignore me to go into her bedroom to go to bed shutting the door behind her ( she never even asked me how school was) and I was never fed food because she expected me to do my own grocery shopping ( which would have been fine if only she would have bothered to SHOW ME HOW and provide me with some money remember I was a typical teenager) 

The real World really did kick my ass around nothing worked out I had no normal life, I never married, never had those close friends it was pain and then more pain.   SO in other words Hell.    The last thing I need is some one coming up to me asking me a dumb question about “Did you go to such & such high school”?   I’m spent people!!!   SO next time just say Hello, and it’s good to see that your still around and I’ll be grateful for that…..ALRIGHT?