Memory Lane

This blog is a little bit more uplifting.  I just had a memory of when I served in the Army.    The Army was a horrible experience for me having been a woman.  Now it’s only gotten worse it seems but I won’t get into that because I don’t want to incite the wrath of anyone.      One morning and this was when I was stationed in Germany I came out of my barracks room and was waiting out in the hallway.

I remember that in the military you have what is called “formation” and all that is is that you gather in four or five rows at attention, then parade rest while the high ranking officer or sargeants read off the order of business or to even scream at the company if someone F**ked up.   If you need a better clarification go to Google.

While I waited in the hall there was a young man somewhat small in stature but had some serious anger issues he never looked happy and to be honest he seemed to have what I can only describe as this evil kind of facial features that seemed to me kind of demonic looking even back then I had a slight twinge go up my spine but I dismissed it.  He was sitting down on the floor in the hallway.  There was still a few minutes before the company had to go outside,  the little guy had said something to me  .  I felt comfortable enough to have a chat with  him . Back then I was much more comfortable around people than I am today no matter what a person looked like or how they acted.

This guy I’ll call him Mike asked me what I did over the weekend.   So without hesitation I told him something like I read some books, watched tv, took a nap.    Mike’s eyes grew wide in disbelief which I couldn’t figure out his expression.

He replied with :  “you mean you stayed sober all weekend”?   I was puzzled by this, and I said “Yes”.    Mike just looked at me incredulous.    Soldiers and this is the truth  G.I.’s    really get drunk.     They drink themselves to oblivion.   This is something that the Army recruiter failed to mention to me when I chose to enlist.     Let me tell you about another time.      

One morning in formation my company were all standing outside, when the high ranking Sergeant known as a “First Sergeant” ( picture 3 stripes + 3 more stripes with a diamond right in the center you’ve put in a lot of years if you make this rank & serving in a campaign doesn’t hurt either.)  screamed at the entire company.    Here is the reason.    Apparently a male who lived in the same barracks as I did got together with some of his other soldier buddies were they went out to drink in town….nothing wrong there EXCEPT that all of them were very drunk, they didn’t seem to have a designated driver and they all piled into a tin can of a European car I think it was a Yugo a really bad car ( Google it up).     They ended up crashing the car into some  tree nearly losing their lives.   They lived but just barely these young men ended up in the hospital then after which time the military stockade.

Now!  the First Seargeant decided to scream at the entire company so as not to have what happened to these soldiers have the same happen to us.   He was full of a rage unlike anything I’ve ever seen or experienced with the exception of my former Stepfather (when I was a child).

All I remember him screaming was “We don’t want you dead”!   We can’t get any work out of you if your dead”!   I can’t remember the words he screamed at the company prior to his “we don’t want you dead” line because it was long time ago.    I remember thinking to myself: “Why is Top (nickname of the 1st seargeant) screaming at all of us? “I didn’t do anything wrong.   I was a youngster 21 at that time, very responsible although sometimes I complained I did whatever duties came my way because I knew that it was expected of me.   It was at that moment that I decided that once my enlistment was up that I would be going home.