What A Day!

I have to ride the bus.   It sucks!  Seattle has become so overcrowded , its people rude , fat and over all just plain obnoxious.   Remember here is were its people are proud to be stoners since marijuana is legal.    One reason I most definitely want to move to a more conservative state, people here don’t know how to be adults.

Everyone here wants to live in Never Never Land , being 20 years old & getting high!   Today I had to ride the bus & as usual the people on it were awful.   A very fat woman when she got up from the back of the seat towards the rear of the bus she moved to a vacant seat next to me practically putting her ass in my lap!   Did this cretin say excuse me?  Nope.    People here?  Stupid.

It was all I could do not to scream.   I get off the bus at the local transit center and their was a cab so I make my way over to it.   A woman runs in front of me & takes my cab.   I won’t repeat the numerous things I said.      I’ve lost faith in just about everyone.    People I don’t like much.  Here in the Pacific Northwest it’s natives are a ignorant, savage, even ratchet bunch.   I think that I’ll stick to my plan of going to college at a state that I won’t mention.   I have two in mind.    And I want to be around some nice kids.   The particular cities I’ve picked are known for it because I’m sick to death of mean, negative types.   I’m tired of everyone here so I have no qualms of ignoring people here in this building I live in.    Plan, plan, plan!  and funding , funding, funding.     Please someone hand me a stick of dynamite so I can blow the PNW off the map!