How I learned To Carve A Pumpkin.

I learned for the FIRST TIME when I was 14 years old.   I grew up with a Mother who really didn’t spend much if any quality time with me.   I was alone all of the time with only the tv & a bowl of cereal to come home to after school.

One of my classes I was a library aide which I loved so much.   There was another library aide, his name was Eric.   Eric was from Vietnam.   I thought Eric a great guy.   One day when Eric & I were all caught up with our work he asked me if I knew how to carve a pumpkin.   Yes, this was right around October.    I told him no.   I mean here I was I was born in Los Angeles California & I never in my life carved a pumpkin.   Here Eric was an immigrant from Vietnam about to teach me how to carve one.

Eric then proceeded to show me how to carve out a pumpkin!  From drawing the face to the actual carving.

Everyone!   I can’t express enough on here just how much that day when Eric showed me how to carve out a pumpkin for Halloween had mean’t to me.  Eric took the TIME to show me how to do something.   That means a whole lot to someone who was 100% neglected & ignored like I was.   He was gentle, kind, sincere.   Something I had really never known.   Because most people treated me like I was an annoying insect or invisible or something to  be TOLERATED!    I sure wished I would have kept in touch with Eric.   People I come across are today are very mean!    I hate how the world is now.   It’s men & women are pure cretins!   I have so few happy moments in my life & this was one of those moments.    I pretty much find my life so intolerable right now.   I’m trying desparately hard to get things right but nothing is going right at all.   God seems no where in sight.   When I talk to my Mother all she talks about are tv shows i.e. “Guess what I’m watching”? she’ll say to me over the phone,  Like I’m supposed to be all happy she is watching Grey’s Anatomy or something.      I won’t bother with asking for replies from anyone cause I know I won’t get them.     Just say a prayer FOR ME!  NO ONE does anything just for me.    And I’m so tired of that.   I seem to be either invisible or placed 2nd behind everyone else.