In My Darkest Darkest Hour Here!!

Basically I’m really at the end of my rope!   I’m all alone and I have been for quite some time now.   I don’t have friends, I have an elderly Mother but she has mental health issues and all she’ll talk about are television shows.   Basket case.

The one positive today is that I wrote to a person who was a part of a documentary about homelessness that was made about 8 years ago, I needed to find out about updates on the participants of that documentary.   It mean’t a lot  TO ME!

Now these people have been through a lot everyone!   Floods, angry/aggressive/bullying townspeople who didn’t like them it was bad.   But you know what, all of them are doing so well from living in tents & make shift lean to’s to now owning their own businesses, two of the people in the movie have bought houses, one couple is still married & moved into a house, another one has an apartment.    This is what is keeping me together because I’m hitting myself on the head deliberately trying to hurt myself because I’m angry with a rage that I can’t seem to control and it’s really sad.   

I’m so glad that the one man in the documentary Wendell took the time to reply back.   It took a few times but I finally got an answer.    To Wendell thanks!  and I’m so glad all of you in the Tent City USA documentary are doing great!