If Your Looking To Move To A Good City? Seattle Ain’t it!

I am tired , I should be going to bed but don’t want to.   I am watching a documentary about homeless people who are in Nashville TN for about the 50th time.   Regular TV is garbage especially network tv.

I’m not talking to my Mother, she gets on my last nerve playing the victim all the time no matter how much I try to provide suggestions, she chooses to do the pity pot thing & since it triggers my manic depression well it’s the silent treatment it is.

For those of you in the know or who don’t know don’t move to Seattle!   It’s awful!  the social scene sucks and all anyone wants to do here is get high.   People here have no social skills.    You know I want to  find a good city to move to when I was younger but the problem was this:  Where in the world do I go?   and   I don’t know anyone in other cities.    Back in the 80’s I did try to live with my Father in Los Angeles however his Wife didn’t want me around & my Father was a bit obtuse on how to help me.   I stayed for a year and I tried to find work .    Any kind  of  work  but it was hard to find anything.    Hell I couldn’t even get hired at Mcdonalds or  Carls   Jr.    So I had to fly back to dreadful Seattle where I’ve been stuck ever since.    And OMG does it suck here!   I’m really really trying to figure a way to find a job so I can earn enough money to leave & head down South.     I  have a     city in mind.    I’ll have to continue this later this W.P. is acting up.   This city will  cause anyone to jump off a bridge!   Hey everyone.   Just woke up oh man did I sleep in way too late but no worries.   Manic depression does drain you mentally.

I got to thinking here regarding me and the time when I tried to move down to Los Angeles in the 1980’s.  Well it was a good thing that it might not have worked out however I sure wished that I had some other relatives who might have lived in other counties.   My Dad was real neglectful.   And I did have a difficult time living with him.   But I do know this.   I MUST move out of Washington.   It’s real sad because I have no other family that lives elsewhere.   So if any of you pray please pray for me!  Living here in Seattle Washington is just no damn good for me.